Saints Defender Gives Brutally Honest Assessment of Mitch Trubisky

Rich Eisen: “Much of the conversation will be about Mitch Trubsiky and his quarterback skills. Where does he rank for you in quarterbacks that you got ready for this season? Do you think he’s a threatening quarterback in the NFL?”

Cam Jordan: “Can I plead the fifth?? I think that he has long-developed since the first time I played him when he only threw for like 11 passes, and I remember the 11 passes because it was that impressive to go through a whole 60-play script with that many passes. So he’s come a long way… Yes.”

Rich: “And that’s where you’ll end the sentence, or is there anything else?”

Jordan: “No, that’s where I wanna end it!”

Listen to New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan give his brutally honest, yet ‘polite’ assessment of derided Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky coming off their 21-9 Wild Card victory over Chicago in which Trubisky posted a morbid QBR rating.

The former no. 2 overall pick who was infamously drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson will now become an unrestricted free agent after Chicago turned down his fifth-year option.

Trubisky went 19 of 29 for 199 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions in Chicago’s swift postseason exit, but the TD included a 99-yard touchdown drive in the heart of garbage time that had Trubisky hit Jimmy Graham for a 19-yard TD reception at the buzzer.

He would later win the 'NVP' of the game in a landslide, as voted upon by the 'kids' watching Nickelodeon's broadcast of the game, but it appeared to be an obvious Twitter troll job.

Check out the segment above as the six-time Saints Pro Bowler answer’s Rich Eisen’s question of ‘Do you think he’s threatening quarterback in the NFL?’

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