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Colin Cowherd: Nick Saban Needs to Leave Alabama and Try the NFL Again

Colin Cowherd: “Why isn’t anyone in the NFL calling Nick Saban?? ‘Well, he’s too old!’ We just had two Presidential candidates, one was 78, and one was 74 to RUN THE COUNTRY, and the 78-year-old won. Thar’s four years of global travel. Nick Saban is a non-drinker, a non-smoker, and is an Energizer Bunny. He’s burning 16,000 calories every game screaming at people. Does he look old? Pete Carroll is 69 and he just signed a five-year extension… Nick Saban is 69 years old and takes care of his body. I think he’s in great shape and he’s lost weight. Belichick is 68, Coach K is 73, Gregg Popovich is 76, and Jim Boeheim is 76. You don’t think Saban could get the Houston Texans right?? You don’t think Saban could go to Tampa if Bruce Arians isn’t the guy next year with Brady and that roster? He wasn’t a disaster in the NFL. He was 9-7 in his first year in Miami. The team doctors wouldn’t let him sign Drew Brees, he went 6-10, and then he said ‘see ya, I’m going off to Tuscaloosa.’ Why isn’t anyone calling him? We’ve got guys who have never even been a high school head coach getting offered NFL jobs… You don’t think Saban would mop up in the Draft for the next four years?? He would CRUSH. Why isn’t anyone offering him a job?? We’ve all been around 68-year-olds that feel like 108, and we’ve all been around 68-year-olds that feel 55. He’s never had a health scare, Urban has had a couple. He just had his best recruiting year ever. Recruiting requires energy and hard work. Spurrier was a disaster in the NFL, Nick wasn’t. What did Belichick do this year without a quarterback?? NOBODY can win without one.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s shocked that Alabama head coach Nick Saban isn’t one of the top candidates for NFL head coaching openings this month, as the Texans, Lions, Falcons, Eagles, and Chargers are still seeking to hire a head coach.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Saban is a ‘young’ 69, and why he thinks Saban’s failed attempt to coach in the NFL in the mid-'00s was only ruffled because of Dolphins doctors talking him out of signing a then-free agent Drew Brees.

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