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Rob Parker on Jaguars Hire: 'Urban Meyer Accepted a Job in NFL Siberia'

Rob Parker: “I’m shocked that Urban Meyer took this job. Was the Austin Peay job not available?? This is going to NFL Siberia.”

Chris Broussard: “Was it not just two years ago that you picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to make the Super Bowl??”

Rob: “They had a unique team with an awesome defense that they no longer have. A guy of Urban Meyer’s stature who has succeeded and done all of the stuff that he did in college football shouldn’t have to take this also-ran job. Bad fan support, a small market where they have to play two games internationally because they can’t sell tickets, one game on Mars every year, it’s just not a great football situation. They thought this was going to be ‘Green Bay South’, where you could have a small market and have people care about their football team and pack the stadium every week, but they can’t do it… Urban Meyer made a mistake and should be waiting for the Dallas Cowboys job after next year, or waiting for a bigger and better job… Taking the Jaguars job is like you’re down and out, and there’s nowhere else to go. I know they got the first overall pick, I know Lawrence is coming, I just don’t see how you’re going to win there… Urban Meyer deserves to be a coach at one of the ‘Creme de la Creme’ franchises and not an also-ran doormat, and that’s what the Jaguars franchise is. If this is just a money grab, then that’s fine, but REALLY?? He deserves BETTER than this job.”

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Urban Meyer made a horrendous mistake by taking a head coaching job in ‘NFL Siberia’, and why he should have skipped out on the Jacksonville Jaguars and waited for a more glamourous opening like the Dallas Cowboys job.

Check out the video above as Parker details why Meyer deserved better than a ‘doormat also-ran’, who has never gotten past the AFC Championship in their franchise’s history.

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