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Josh Norman Comments on Being Infamously Stiff-Armed By Derrick Henry

Dan Patrick: “When did you realize you were a meme when you got the stiff-arm from Henry?”

Josh Norman: “Ugh, I don’t know man. I pretty much don’t concern myself with such things. It’s a play!”

DP: “Josh, you’re in the AFC title game, I figured I could ask you and you might have a little bit of fun that Derrick Henry tossed you to the sidelines!”

Norman: “I mean, listen here, when you’re going after the ball, you’re going to get tossed regardless. It’s just something you have a knack for. For me, I don’t look at it from a standpoint of what people say after the fact, I look at it if I’m actually making the play during the fact. Coming back, in two plays we got off the field from plays that we made, so I don’t get too much caught up into that, I really don’t. It’s a laugh, it’s a joke. We’re in a society now where we like to see the ‘ohhhhs' and the 'ahhhhhs’ and the glitzes and glams of the sport, and that’s great, but when you go out there the only thing you’re thinking about is getting to the opponent, and getting the ball from him. I could care less, it was something to laugh about. We’re in the AFC Championship now, so it is what it is!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his role in one of the most memorable plays of the year when he was unfortunately on the receiving end of one of Titans’ running back Derrick Henry’s notorious stiff arms.

Norman was put into flight attempting to tackle Henry near the sidelines in Buffalo’s Week 5 blowout loss to the Titans on October 13th, and quickly and unwittingly became a viral sensation on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Check out the segment above as Norman finally comments on the infamous play.

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