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Colin Cowherd Decides Which NFL Teams Still Have Open Super Bowl Windows

Colin Cowherd: “The Bucs and Chiefs square off in the Super Bowl, clearly their Super Bowl windows are open, but let’s look at all the other playoff teams – are their windows open, halfway open, or closed?”

Listen to Colin Cowherd decide which of the 14 NFL Playoff teams from this season still have their Super Bowl windows opened or closed for next season.

Bills – Open, Halfway, or Closed?

“It’s open. Josh Allen is 24 years old, and Brian Daboll comes back another year. They were 15-2 against everybody not named the Chiefs this year. My guess is that they’re back here the same time barring injuries.”

Steelers – Open, Halfway, or Closed?

“I believe the window is closed. Big Ben is now old and getting older, 38. He’s had a passer rating under 90 in his 6 of his last 7 games. They have not won a conference championship since 2010. Cross your fingers on a couple of players that got hurt last year, but it doesn’t feel tight.”

Titans – Open, Halfway, or Closed?

“I kind of feel like it’s closed. First of all they’ve got some very notable free agents. Corey Davis had a good year, free agent, Stephen Gotskowski, free agent, and Jadeveon Clowney is a free agent. They also have a major issue, and that is they maybe have the worst pass rush in the league. They’re going to have to spend some money, or hit a couple of home runs drafting. There are so many great quarterbacks in the AFC that you’re weakness can’t be ‘WE HAVE NO PASS RUSH.’ It feels closed at the moment.”

FULL segment for all 14 playoff teams in the video above.

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