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Rob Parker: Tom Brady Continues to Be 'Luckiest Quarterback in NFL History'

Rob Parker: “This was typical Tom Brady. Nothing has changed in my mind and it actually re-enforced what I’ve been saying forever, that Tom Brady continues to be the ‘LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME.’ It doesn’t mean that he didn’t make any plays or play well at some point, but he’s ‘lucky.’ Things have ALWAYS seemed to work out for him dating back to the start of him as an NFL player with the ‘Tuck Rule.’ Yesterday I saw a white Jameis Winston in the second half throwing picks like they were going out of style. Or more like a 'Brad Johnson' with a superior defense that made plays… Here’s where I say he’s lucky -- he’s 3-1 in playoff games where he’s had three interceptions or more, NOBODY would have that record… I also saw a Drew Brees in that second half, and an aging quarterback who can’t get the ball to his people… Tom Brady’s career continues to be about defensive stops.. If this was ANY other quarterback and was Jameis Winston yesterday in Green Bay, and he had a 73 quarterback rating, completed 55% of his passes, and had three second-half picks, the headlines would NOT read ‘Jameis Winston and Bucs Go To Super Bowl’, it would read ‘Bucs DEFENSE Leads Them to Super Bowl.’ Brady always gets the top billing whether he plays well or not. He played fine in the first half but played terrible in the second half and the defense bailed him out. I’m a rare breed in the business because I’m not a jock-sniffer, I’m not one of these guys who worships athletes, and I’m not a fanboy. I’m gonna call it the way I see it… This was par for the course and what Brady has made his career and his ‘myth’ on, and that’s what we saw yesterday.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why Sunday’s NFC Championship Game once again proved that Tom Brady is actually the LOAT – ‘Luckiest of All Time’, and why Tampa's narrow victory in Green Bay was a microcosm of Brady’s entire career as one that always relies on the DEFENSE to win the game.

Brady actually finished with a higher QBR score than Aaron Rodgers in the game but went 20 of 36 for 280 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions, which shockingly occurred on three consecutive second-half drives.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why Brady looked more like a ‘white Jameis Winston’ than a guy who supposedly is the greatest QB to ever play the game.

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