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Why Russell Wilson Will Be the Starting Quarterback For the Giants in 2022

Why Russell Wilson Will Be the Starting Quarterback For the Giants in 2022
Jason Smith: “Russell Wilson kind of laid the groundwork today to say ‘things aren’t great’, and he’s telling the Seahawks ‘YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE LISTENING TO ME AND THIS NEXT YEAR NEEDS TO BE A GOOD ONE.’ Russell Wilson is giving the warning that if you guys don’t start standing up and acting better, then I’m going to go. No matter how you cut it up, Russell Wilson is UNHAPPY. Is he at the point where he’s ready to go nuclear? Probably not, and I think he will still give them this season because he’s got a long time left in his prime… But if it doesn’t work after this year, there is only one team I can see him going to. He wants to go someplace where it’s a big market, they’re going to build around him, they have the resources, and he wants to be an even bigger star… I don’t think there is going to be any other candidate for Russell Wilson besides the NEW YORK GIANTS. Before he signed this big contract there were rumors that New York was going to be the place he went, and that’s where his family was going to set up. He wound up settling for Seattle, but that itch will be a little too much to scratch now… Daniel Jones is just ‘OK’, and I can see the Giants going through this season being very quiet, he’ll SUCK – because Daniel Jones isn’t very good, and you’ll wind up with a high draft pick, and guess what, Russell Wilson wants to go to the Giants. I can already see him with the Giants helmet on his head… Ig I could go to Vegas right now and put money on it, I’d bet that Russell Wilson is the Giants quarterback on opening day, 2022.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Russell Wilson be on the starting quarterback for the New York Giants on opening day of 2022, as Jason thinks Wilson’s recent string of brutally honest and cryptic interviews detailing his future in Seattle is a way of Wilson expressing a degree of threat that he will at some point force himself out if Seattle can’t surround him with a viable roster.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he believes the Giants will be the most obvious destination for the 32-year-old who has made eight Pro Bowls.

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