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Clay Travis Rips 'Cowardly' Mark Cuban For Trying to Cancel National Anthem

Clay Travis: “Mark Cuban decides to stop playing the National Anthem probably to free up some time so he can play the Chinese national anthem instead. Mark Cuban still won’t say whether he agrees with concentration camps, genocide, slave labor, and the NBA profiting off all those things – won’t say a word about any of those things, but he won’t play the National Anthem… The NBA has become such a culturally divisive lightning rod that they can’t even play the National Anthem… The things that make us different don’t have to divide us when it comes to sports, and we can all embrace sporting excellence without having to allow our identities to cloud our ability to enjoy sports. What used to be a somewhat unifying moment – we play the National Anthem, people stand, and show a moment of respect for our nation and the freedoms that we are fortunate to enjoy. I understand the people who don’t want to play the National Anthem because ultimately sports are entertainment and we don’t play the National Anthem before movies for instance because it’s not a tradition… To me when we play the National Anthem, it's acknowledging our common humanity, and our common good fortunes to be Americans. Most of the people who are angry about America have no idea what the rest of the world is like… One of the reasons why I’m in favor of legal immigration is because many immigrants, drastically more so that the average American, love our country and our traditions because they know what it’s like to in live places without human rights, and know what it’s like to live in places without freedom of speech… What Mark Cuban is trying to do is take away one more thing that unites us as Americans, and not draw attention to the fact that he’s doing it… The NBA has gotten WOKE and it’s close to going BROKE. The league is under siege because most people out there who are casual sports fans see the NBA as intensely political… People like Mark Cuban are being cowardly, and instead of standing up for something basic like the National Anthem, they are trying to cancel the National Anthem and run and hide, and pretend that they are somehow making things better… This further cements the NBA as a far-left wing, liberal hypocritical league… The NBA continues to bow down to chairman Xi, and taking as much money from them as they possibly can, all while condemning American culture and American values, and thumbing their nose at a huge percentage of Americans.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for attempting to get rid of the National Anthem at Mavs home games at American Airlines Arena, which was shortly lived after the NBA intervened.

The Mavericks would have become the first pro sports team in America to outright rid themselves of the ceremony, and Cuban started to get blowback on Wednesday morning when it became apparent that they axed the performance.

Check out the video above as Clay calls out Cuban for being a ‘coward’, and blasts Cuban for bowing down and taking pats on the head from intolerant and rampant human rights violators, China, while then going out of his way to destroy American traditions.

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