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Michael Irvin Confirms Tom Brady Didn't Use 'N-Word' to Tyrann Mathieu

Rich Eisen: “What piece of footage have you seen that the rest of us haven’t that we will see on Showtime?”

Michael Irvin: “They’ll play some of that footage in the battle between Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu. I’m gonna say this, I didn’t like that Tyrann Mathieu put that out like that, the way he put it out honestly because it makes as if he said the N-word, Tom did not. I did not like that it’s even looming over this situation, so that’s why I think we should clean that up somewhere somehow. He didn’t say that.” (Full Segment Above)

NFL Network’s Michael Irvin joined Rich Eisen to tamp down any baseless rumors swirling around social media about what Tom Brady actually said to Tyrann Mathieu during their Super Bowl 55 scuffle that was serious enough for Brady to apologize to Mathieu after the game.

Mathieu tweeted after the game that Brady called him ‘something I won’t repeat’, but later mysteriously deleted the Tweet.

There was much interest into finding out what exactly Brady said, with highly unsubstantiated grumblings claiming that it may have even been a racial slur, which became a convoluted storyline in the ugly incident last season when Myles Garrett smashed Mason Rudolph’s skull with his own helmet.

Both Brady and Mathieu were mic’d up, and the audio will eventually be heard during a Super Bowl recap show on Showtime later this week.

Check out the video above as Irvin makes it clear that no racial slur was used in the war of words between Brady and the Honey Badger, and says that he didn’t like Mathieu making the tweet after the Super Bowl, and giving people the opportunity to inappropriately speculate on what Brady said.

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