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Rob Parker Blasts Russell Wilson For Complaining About His Offensive Line

Rob Parker Blasts Russell Wilson For Taking Shots at His Offensive Line
Rob Parker: “HELLO, IS THIS MICROPHONE ON? THIS IS FOR YOU RUSSELL WILSON. MAYBE IF YOU DIDN’T THROW AN INTERCEPTION AT THE ONE-YARD LINE YOUR LEGACY WOULD BE LOOKING BETTER. WERE YOU SACKED ON THAT PLAY? DID THEY NOT DEFEND FOR YOU? When guys want to nitpick and say ‘this ain’t working and I need this…’ you better be careful about what you wish for when you start dissing your offensive line and talking about how terrible they are. If you thought it was bad before, you watch and see, maybe some might step aside once or twice a game. You better be careful of who you’re ripping when those guys protect you… Those guys are out there working too. Like YOU’RE the only one trying out there? How dare you go out there and rip on your teammates. Did you rip on Pete Carroll and say it was the dumbest call ever when they asked you to throw the ball in the end zone with the best running back in the league?? I DON’T REMEMBER THAT SPEECH. WHERE WAS THAT SPEECH WHEN YOU NEEDED A NEW COACH AND A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR?? YOU DIDN’T MAKE THAT SPEECH! THAT’S WHY YOU DON’T HAVE TWO SUPER BOWLS! And you have the nerve to talk about your offensive line that has protected you for the most part. There’s always going to be times where you get sacked, it’s a part of the game. You’re not unique! You’re not different! You’re like everybody else! Quarterbacks have been getting sacked forever and they’re trying to protect you. Maybe the guy on the defensive line is just better. Are you going to rip the guys who couldn’t protect you from Lawrence Taylor or Aaron Donald?? You wanna draft offensive linemen?? You’re doing scouting now?? This is PREPOSTEROUS. What kind of NFL is this?? Don’t throw an interception in the end zone! YOU’RE THE REASON YOUR LEGACY IS WHERE IT IS, NOBODY ELSE.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Russell Wilson after reports surfaced that Wilson has been increasingly frustrated with the shoddy play of his offensive line over the years, and potentially enough to want a trade out of Seattle.

Wilson didn’t exactly shut down trade rumors this week during media appearances, telling the Dan Patrick Show that he believes the Seahawks have been taking calls on his availability, and added that he wants to remain in Seattle the rest of his career, but ‘things change’.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why it’s in such bad taste for a quarterback to rip a unit that is simply trying to protect him, and worries that those same guys might take great offense to Wilson’s now-public affairs and could let one or two defenders get an easy route to Wilson a few times next season as payback.

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