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Rob Parker: Tom Brady's 'GOAT' Status is Being Elevated Because He's White

Rob Parker: “To say Tom Brady is the best ‘team sport player ever’ I just can’t get with. It’s a narrative out there that is forced. There was that with Larry Bird and the Dennis Rodman and Isiah Thomas controversy. I remember watching the NBA then and it was Larry Bird would make a bounce pass and it was like ‘OH MY GOD!’, like nobody had ever made a bounce pass. It was over the top… Do you remember Gerry Cooney? He was the ‘Great White Hope’ boxer. The push for him to get a heavyweight bout wasn’t deserving. In the Tom Brady case I just don’t get where this narrative is coming from when people are even questioning whether he’s the best quarterback of his own league, how could he be the best team sport player ever?? I think that’s a reach. If there was a Black quarterback who won Super Bowls and had a great defense, a great kicker, and some other things went their way, I don’t know if that would be the drumbeat. It would be a different conversation. Brady is a guy people like to raise up and there’s a big faction of people who like him and that he can do no wrong, but it really felt like ‘Great White Hope’ hype to me. I don’t think he’s in that conversation [for greatest team sport athlete ever], or has jumped over anybody because he has 7 championships.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tom Brady’s push as the greatest team sport athlete of all time over someone like Michael Jordan is bordering on a ‘Great White Hope’ narrative, as Rob thinks Brady’s skin color has elevated his reputation and legacy.

Check out the video above as Rob details why he thinks Brady would be more judged and derided if he were Black. Check out Rob's column on Deadspin as well.

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