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Doug Gottlieb Rips '100% Wrong' Draymond Green For Defending Andre Drummond

Doug Gottlieb: “I think Draymond is a really smart basketball player, and I think he’s a pretty smart human being, but this is the problem with guys within their own workspace where they lose track of reality. Let me help you out with ‘REALITY’: reality is that Andre Drummond makes $22 million a year to play basketball… He’s going to be traded to a better team and he’s still getting paid. All you gotta do is show up to work, work hard, and go home. Let’s not act like this is hurting his ‘mental health care.’ SORRY, nobody actually cares in that particular instance... Everything Draymond Green said sounded really good, sounded really profound, and sounded really bold, so he doesn’t actually have to take ‘Q & A', but sorry dude, NOBODY CARES. These guys aren’t getting fired. They’re not getting cut… Draymond is smart but stupid at the same time. He’s literally talking out of his rectum. The reality is; sorry dude, you play in a profession where you’re ridiculously compensated for a short period of time – IT’S THE GREATEST LIFE EVER. The idea that you’re on the same level as ownership is a joke. The idea that ownership and general managers aren’t criticized is a joke. The fact that you’re critizing the process of trading somebody when they don’t play and somehow it’s wrong to have them sit there in cities and cheer for their team even though their team is going to bail on them is a joke. EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS WRONG… I love watching Draymond Green but this was nonsense. The NBA’s victimhood is a joke. Andre Drummond is the victim of nothing. A ‘victim’ of a ridiculous contract. You can say ‘well, he was averaging 17 and 13’ – if he was that impactful then they wouldn’t be one of the worst teams in the NBA. He’s getting traded to a better team and he gets to keep every penny, what’s the issue??” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Draymond Green for his recent rant defending Cavaliers center Andre Drummond, and ripping the NBA's ‘hypocrisy’ and double-standards when comparing players who request a trade vs. teams who sit a player in order to trade them.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Draymond is ‘100% wrong’, and why he thinks Draymond’s comments bring up a larger issue of how NBA players repeatedly dwell in ‘victimhood’ when they aren’t victims at all.

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