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Rob Parker Says Tim Tebow is the Biggest Flop in Sports History

Rob Parker: “I give Tim Tebow credit for trying baseball, he knew he couldn’t really play in the NFL, so he decided he was going to give his other love a shot.”

Chris Broussard: “I think he should have been open to full back, tight end, or even doing a Taysom Hill role. He’s not as fast as Hill but he could obviously run the ball.”

Parker: “For as good as Tim Tebow was as a college quarterback and winning National Championships, I think he was a sports FLOP. He couldn’t play in the NFL and then gave Major League Baseball a shot. For a guy who has gotten as much exposure and attention, and a guy who did as much as he did in college – he might be one of the biggest flops in sports history. I’m not talking about some walk-on who never achieved anything in college and was an overachiever; this guy was DESTINED to be something great… Do you remember their Pittsburgh win in the playoffs? They didn’t even think he could throw a 10-yard pass, and played all their defensive players on the line. He threw a simple slant pass and the receiver ran 80 yards and it was like ‘LOOK, TIM TEBOW BEAT THE STEELERS!’ Dick Labeau, a Hall of Famer who played in the league had NO RESPECT for him. Anybody else would have been fired to have that defense set up like that.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss Tim Tebow's official retirement from professional baseball, as Rob and Chris take it even further to discuss his sports career as a whole, as Rob believes the former college football legend will untimely go down as a monumental bust in the NFL.

Tebow was one of the most decorated players in college football history, winning a Heisman, two National Championships, and leading one of the greatest college football teams ever at Florida during the late 2000s, but he played only three years in the NFL after being drafted with the 25th overall pick by Denver.

Tebow went 7-4 his first and only season as the full-time starter, including a walk-off postseason win versus the Steelers in the Wild Card Round in January of 2012, but he had a completion percentage of only 46.5%, and went just 19 of 47 in that game vs. Pittsburgh.

Despite at one point being heralded as a future Major Leaguer as Tebow had brief success in AA with the Mets in 2018, he hit just .163 in AAA in 2019 with the Majors just a step away.

He ended his Minor League career with a .223 batting average, .299 on-base, and .338 slugging.

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