Five Things Your Team Needs to Have a Guaranteed Playoff Berth in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “There are five signs that you’re going to become a legitimate Super Bowl contender every year, and the Colts now have those, and let’s discuss:
1. The quarterback and the coach have a strong relationship. Brees and Sean Payton, Andy Reid and Mahomes, Brady and Belichick, Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, and Arians and Brady – turbulent early but got along great. When the quarterback and head coach are in unison, and they respect and like each other, you win a lot of games. Wentz and Frank Reich will be great together.”
2. You have protection. In baseball, you cannot win a World Series with a lousy bullpen and you can’t be bleeding runs. You cannot win Super Bowls with a crappy offensive line. The untold story of the Buccaneers Super Bowl was that their offensive line was fantastic. Brady wasn’t being touched.
3. You gotta give your quarterback some weapons, that’s why Brady left New England. Jonathan Taylor became a star for the Colts at the end of the year, and Michael Pittman has become a star receiver. They also have Parris Campbell, hurt last year, but one of the fastest players in the NFL and he’ll be playing next year.
4. You gotta have a top 10 defense. You don’t have to have a GREAT defense, but you can’t ask your quarterback to win 44-40 every weekend. The Bills defense wasn’t very good this year -- situationally pretty good but it has to get better.
5. You gotta have a legitimate front office that just keeps your roster viable. You gotta manipulate the cap, and you can’t be like Dallas and pay every good player GREAT money."

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Colts are now legitimate Super Bowl contenders after the Carson Wentz trade, as he names the five characteristics your team needs to be a bonafide contender every year.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks the Colts have officially hit those five magic qualifiers.

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