Why the 2020 Miami Heat Were a Massive Fluke

Colin Cowherd: “This happens in sports and fans don’t want to admit it. We think the minute you’re good, you’re going to be good forever, and we think dynasties are going to last forever. We see this every March Madness where a team with lightning in a bottle gets hot, and they’re not that talented and have all sorts of flaws. But they play with confidence, they get a break or two in the seeding, and you look up and George Mason or VCU are knocking off teams, and they don’t really have NBA players… It’s lightning in a bottle and not every team in the playoffs is great. Miami was a fifth seed who ended up in the Finals and I think they got a lot of breaks. They were super healthy and a lot of teams in the bubble had injuries, and older teams seemed to unravel. The older players missed their wives and missed their kids, and outside of the Lakers, every other veteran NBA team kind of folded and underachieved. Nobody had a book on Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, or Bam Adebayo. Jimmy Butler had this energy, everybody was feeding off it, and Erick Spoelstra is an excellent coach. You look up today and Miami is just not that talented. Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson are incredibly limited players, both defensive liabilities, and if you run them off the three-point line they don’t have much of a game. Bam is not good enough when Jimmy Butler is hurt to carry a team… There’s a reason Pat Riley went after James Harden HARD. They just don’t have enough.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 2020 Miami Heat are quickly beginning to become footnoted in NBA lore as one of the biggest flukes in recent memory, as the reigning Eastern Conference champions who knocked off the Pacers, Bucks, and Celtics in route to a trip to the Finals are currently 14-17 and the #10 seed in the East.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Miami’s team last year was a classic example of a ‘lightning in a bottle’ type NCAA Tournament Cinderella story.

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