Colin Cowherd Names His Two Tiers of Elite NFL Quarterbacks

Colin Cowherd: “We all know there are six great quarterbacks in this league, you can put them in any order: Mahomes, Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, and Deshaun Watson. They can win games and carry a franchise, and in the NFL you gotta have a top 12 quarterback historically to win a Super Bowl. The next six I’d go Lamar, Justin Herbert, Derek Carr, Garoppolo, Matt Ryan, and Kyler Murray. You can argue Matt Ryan, and put in Dak and I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep on it. My guess is that Carson Wentz halfway through the year with Frank Reich will probably be on this list instead of Matt Ryan. Kyler has a much higher ceiling than Dak, but you can agree Kirk Cousins – low ceiling to me, and you could argue Dak – great kid but not a great arm talent. Garoppolo is in there. Belichick loved him, he’s pretty smart, Kyle Shanahan traded for him, he’s really smart, and the Niners are awful when he doesn’t play.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd drop his two tiers of elite NFL quarterbacks, and explain why he thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is a part of his two tiers.

Check out the video above as Cowherd details why he doesn’t think Garoppolo in the problem in San Francisco, and why he’s shocked people already dug his grave after last season.

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