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Clay Travis Blasts 'Cowardly' Ivy League For Cancelling Spring Sports Again

Clay Travis: “The Ivy League has decided that they’re not going to play sports for the rest of the spring season, which means that the Ivy League, which shut down in March of last year, is going to go nearly a year and a half with no sports being played anywhere on their campuses… There are a ton of alums, a ton of athletes, the vast majority of people who play sports, and a huge percentage of their parents as well throwing up their hands and saying ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE IVY LEAGUE??’ This is the danger that all sports could have easily fallen into if the SEC, in particular, had not stood strong and said ‘WE’RE GOING TO FIND A WAY TO PLAY.’ This is indicative of cowardice that gets treated as ‘bravery’. The United States is a country about finding a way to overcome obstacles and sports is a big part of that… We call bravery now a willingness to not even attempt to succeed. Teams decide ‘THERE’S NO WAY TO PLAY! WE’RE GOING TO CURL UP IN THE FETAL POSITION AND WE’RE JUST GOING TO HIDE IN OUR BASEMENTS! WHY WOULD WE EVER TRY TO FIND A WAY TO PLAY SPORTS?!’ A lot of people now call that ‘bravery.’ 'Bravery' is about finding a way to overcome obstacles, not about meekly acquiescing to challenges and saying there’s no way we could possibly overcome this. We have lost our ability to use sports as a prism to challenge existing major obstacles in this country and find ways to overcome them. A lot of people listening out there right now aren’t aware of how close the Ivy League’s failures in the world of sports came to defining ALL of college sports… Without people there to ‘battle’, we are in danger of doing what the Ivy League did. People don’t realize how close we came to shutting down all sports for the entirety of this year… Shame on the Ivy League for being filled with the best and brightest of us all, and not being able to use all of that intellectual heft to make the right decision, and find a way for their kids to be able to play all sports. It’s a collosol failure of the Ivy League that they ran and hid from controversy, conflict, and obstacles, and decided the safest thing to do was to curl up in the fetal position and not even try to find a way to play.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast the Ivy League for once again canceling all spring sports for the second consecutive year in the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Clay says we need to stop calling cowardly decisions like this 'brave' when all the Ivy League did was get into the fetal position and refuse to come up with solutions to play sports in 2020.

Check out the audio above as Clay details why sports fans should all be thankful that the Power 5 conferences refused to follow the lead of the Ivy League, saying the Ivy League should feel ashamed by their colossal failures the past year.

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