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Clay Travis: Protesting Isn't 'Cool' Anymore According to US Women’s Soccer

Clay Travis: “I was talking about the US Women’s Soccer Team, and their decision to basically say ‘we are done with kneeling during the National Anthem'… Many of the players in the English Premier League are now saying this kneeling business is kind of a distraction because everybody is talking about the kneeling and they’re not paying attention to the larger context, and we’re ready to actually move to take tangible action, as opposed to basically a symbolic act. I think the larger context here is that this is not a statement anybody cares about if there is not a rebellious factor to it anymore. When Ben and Jerry’s is coming out with their own protest ice cream it ain’t very protest-worthy anymore because ‘the man’ is on YOUR side. If you go study rebellious movements, as soon as the mainstream buys into the rebellious movement it’s over, and it doesn’t have any more punch and any more power any longer… Without an obstacle to protest, protest isn’t ‘cool’ anymore. It’s not rebellious. Even Colin Kaepernick has all these different deals – Nike, Ben and Jerry’s – he’s making his own Netflix movie. He’s not a very rebellious character anymore. He cashed in, and sold out as much as you can sell out. Sell out all you want, I’m a capitalist, but you’re running around telling us how awful America is while you’re making tens of millions of dollars. In how many other countries in the world can you make yourself filthy rich by telling people how awful that country is and companies just throw money at you? Colin Kaepernick steps up to the mic and doesn’t hardly say anything but ‘America is evil’, and Netflix is like ‘HERE’S A BILLION DOLLARS!’ The way big companies have totally dove into the WOKE movement is actually going to destroy the WOKE movement, and I think you’re seeing it with the US Women. They’re like ‘well, Donald Trump isn’t President anymore, and nobody is really mad about us kneeling, so why are we doing this anymore??’ Corporations have co-opted whatever Colin Kaepernick wants to say and now they’re making money off it and giving him money in the process and it’s hard to feel like this is anything other than a new way to sell product.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the United States Women’s National Team recently ending their well-documented National Anthem protest, and explain why he thinks it’s proof that the over-saturation and excessive commercialization of ‘woke’ movements has suddenly made protesting not ‘cool’ anymore in the world of sports.

Check out the audio above as Clay details why he thinks Donald Trump losing the 2020 election turned Anthem protesting into an unfulfilling and not 'rebellious' enough act for public display.

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