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Colin Cowherd: Tiger Woods Made Golf 'Cool and Athletic'

Colin Cowherd: “Tiger Woods was on TV by 3, had an agent by 11, was a legend by 15, worshipped by 20, and a hero to many by 25… Tiger Woods has a special place in a lot of people’s lives. He changed the way I looked at golf. It became ‘cool’, ‘athletic’, ‘alpha’. I wanted to go play… Tiger Woods’ first two Masters appearances without a real brand yet got an NFL Playoff game rating, double the average. They used to call it the ‘Tiger Woods Effect.’ When he started on the tour people made $101 million in prize money. By the time he left they made $300 million. Tiger Woods would crush and humiliate you but he would double your paycheck and players always understood that… Half the Masters audience left when Tiger did. Pre-1991, no golfer made over $1 million in earnings, nine years later 45 did. Tiger was his own economy. He changed our viewing habits, he changed our Sundays, we all bought golf clubs. It made you feel like an ‘ATHLETE.’ He didn’t wear pink pants, he wore a red shirt, he had muscles, he looked like a rover back in the NFL who would light you up if you caught a ball and kept your head down. Tiger has always been a gift.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Tiger Woods’ lasting impact on golf a day after his frightening car accident, and explain why he thinks Tiger changed the game of golf forever and made the sport ‘cool’, ‘athletic’, and ‘alpha’ for once.

Check out the video above as Colin details how Tiger revolutionized the entire golf fan experience and created a market the sport had never seen before.

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