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Former NFL Team Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of Tiger Woods' Injuries

Former NFL team physician of the formerly known San Diego Chargers, Dr. David Chao, did a Live periscope for Clay Travis’ Outkick the Coverage show to break down the severity of the injuries Tiger Woods suffered during his scary car crash Tuesday morning.

Woods was involved in a rollover single-car accident with Woods as the only person on board. His car reportedly rolled 700 feet, including jumping over a highway median before finally coming to rest in the brush adjacent to the road.

Initial reports alleged that the injuries were not life-threatening. Reports would later surface that Woods was 'conscious, calm, and lucid' upon arrival of the first deputy on the scene who spoke with Woods. The deputy said Woods didn't even realize he was injured, which is said to occur often when crash victims in shock are first discovered.

Woods reportedly suffered injuries to both his legs, including 'at least' one compound fracture to one of his legs where the bone was coming out through the skin. Other than injuries to his lower extremities, Woods is not believed to have suffered any other major injuries.

His agent Mark Steinberg made a statement to the media moments after news of the accident broke, saying Woods was currently in surgery. He was transported to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance to be treated for “moderate to critical” injuries suffered in the crash.

Listen to Dr. Chao give his insight into the tragedy, and discuss how there is actually some 'good news' involved with the initial reports, other than Woods lucky to be alive.

(UPDATE): Tiger Woods' camp made a statement on Twitter late Tuesday night on his health status.