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Why Russell Wilson is Officially a 'Diva'

Why Russell Wilson is Acting Like a Diva
Ben Maller: “Russell Wilson’s posse sounds like your Hollywood trope of a dime-a-dozen sleazy used car salesman type of representation… Russell Wilson has more than broached the subject of an ‘exit stage right’ from Seattle. He must have things BAD if he wants to play for the Bears or the Raiders. Playing for the Cowboys isn’t exactly a bowl of cherries either… Russell Wilson is feeling his oats. People around him have planted the seed, and if the Seahawks do not genuflect to ALL of your wants and needs then you need to go somewhere else. This is on page of 26 of the ‘DIVA HANDBOOK FOR IDIOTS’. This is where you become the high maintenance person, you become entitled, you wallow around the lake of ‘ME’, and you have delusions of grandeur. It appears he doesn’t care how precarious of a situation he will be in by leaving the comforts of the Pacific Northwest.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks Russell Wilson has resorted to reading the ‘Diva Handbook For Idiots’ amid his recent turmoil with his own organization, as the Seahawks icon continues his passive-aggressive barrage in Seattle.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why Wilson's representation is starting to come off as a ‘sleazy used car salesmen.

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