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Cowboys are Reportedly Working on a Long-Term Deal With Dak Prescott

Jane Slater on Dak Prescott: “When I reached out to one of my team sources they found it laughable [Russell Wilson trade talks with Cowboys] because they are truly trying to get this long-term deal done. We’re looking at the tag being somewhere around $37.7 million dollars, we will probably hear something about that closer to that tag deadline of March 9th, and then they’re going to have to clear some cap space by March 17th to really start effectively having those long-term discussions… I don’t think he’s heading towards a third tag. That tag is going to be somewhere around $54 million, which is absurd. They could give him the non-exclusive tag that gives them five days to match an offer from another team and possibly pick up two first-round compensatory picks, but the goal here is to still get him signed to a long-term deal.” (Full Segment Above)

Dallas Cowboys insider Jane Slater joined The Dan Patrick Show explaining that the team’s goal is to nail down a long-term contract with quarterback Dak Prescott, and that the implications behind Russell Wilson adding Dallas to his ‘list’ of teams he would play for was ‘laughable’ to members of the Cowboys organization.

Check out the segment above as Slater tries to tamp down some of the more unlikely rumors about Dallas drafting a QB or franchise tagging Prescott for the third consecutive year.

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