Five Reasons Why it's the Perfect Time For Texans to Trade Deshaun Watson

Colin Cowherd: “I can make the argument that this is the perfect time to trade Deshaun Watson.
1. He’s coming off his best statistical year and his trade value has never been higher. It was only two years that people liked him a lot but they were worried about his injuries and he wasn’t an elegant thrower, but now he’s coming off his greatest year.
2. The Jets, Dolphins, and Panthers could have a bidding war. The Jets and Dolphins iare in-division, don’t wanna face him, and would rather have him.
3. It’s a very strong year for quarterbacks in the Draft, and next year is a terrible year for quarterbacks in the NFL Draft... This year is a GREAT year.
4. Deshaun is completely healthy. If Deshaun has one more injury all of the sudden you get that narrative of his ‘ehhh trade value…’ and ‘he’s getting older…’.
5. The Texans are rebuilding. They just let go of their center. They just let go of running back Duke Johnson. They already said Will Fuller isn’t coming back. You’re ‘rebuilding’, and how do you rebuild? Draft picks. You get a boatload. You don’t rebuild with free agency because free agents don’t want to go to losing teams.
Everything lines up.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd list the five reasons why he believes now is the ‘perfect’ time for the Houston Texans to trade embattled star quarterback Deshaun Watson, as the All-Pro QB continues to claim that he will sit out the entire 2021 season if he’s not traded this off-season.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Texans need to make a move now, and avoid the catastrophic scenario of going into Week 1 without a quarterback, with a weak 2022 QB Draft class lying ahead.

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