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Rob Parker: JJ Watt is a 'Fraud' For His Money Grab With Mediocre Cardinals

Chris Broussard: “JJ Watt goes to the Cardinals, who were 8-8 last year, and have the eighth-best odds of winning the NFC, which would mean they wouldn’t make the playoffs."

Rob Parker: “JJ Watt thought he was going to the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS because THEY’RE good and THEY have a chance to win… oh, wait a minute, that’s baseball! I’m scratching my head and it has nothing to do with dandruff. JJ Watt, I thought you were trying to ‘win’ and it wasn’t about money?? You were going to make $17 million in Houston. So you went where? ARIZONA?? JJ WATT, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE YOU’RE ‘FF’ WATT, AS IN FRAUD-FRAUDULENT WATT. What a FRAUD. I thought money didn’t matter?? You made over $100 million already! What do you care, you’re trying win! Your years are dwindling! Take a one-year deal with a contender! So basically you took $6 million more to go to a team who is probably worse off than you are?? Why would you go to the Cardinals unless you just wanted to hang out in the desert?? Because it ain’t about winning no Super Bowl there. I’m disappointed in JJ Watt. I thought he was serious about winning and instead ‘it’s always better with the cheddar.’ That is what JJ Watt told us today.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker uncork on JJ Watt after news that the 31-year-old signed a two-year, $31 million deal with the Arizona Cardinals, as Rob calls Watt a complete ‘fraud’ for acting like ‘winning’ was his main concern choosing a team, but yet took $23 million guaranteed from an 8-8 Cardinals team.

NFL insider Ed Werder had made reports saying 'money' was going to be Watt's 'third-most important consideration' when choosing a team to sign with, behind '1. quarterback' and '2. supporting personnel.' Werder added that 'winning a Super Bowl' was Watt's 'priority.'

Check out the video above as Rob blasts Watt for the money grab, saying it was never about winning a Super Bowl for Watt if you’re signing with an underwhelming Cardinals roster with a pipedream shot at the Super Bowl at this point.

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