3 Reasons Why Jimmy Garoppolo Has Already Played His Final Game as 49ers QB

Rich Eisen: “Why do we keep hearing that Garoppolo is not the apple of San Francisco’s eye at the end of the day, and there’s a wanderlust potentially for Cousins, Bridgewater, or Watson?”

Mike Florio: “Three things. 1. 23 missed games in three regular seasons. If I’m Kyle Shanahan I’m still salty about the tough guy maneuver on the sideline where he dips his shoulder and tears his ACL, and he’s done for the year in 2018 in Week 3. 2. In the playoff game vs. the Vikings, he threw three passes – ALL of them should have been intercepted by Eric Kendricks… He threw eight passes vs the Packers, that’s part of it. 3. $25 million. It’s like Big Ben. If Garoppolo is available right now, who is paying him $25 million this year?? NOBODY. If they can get Cousins I think they jump on it… I think the 49ers are going to look for an upgrade, somebody dollar-for-dollar cheaper, and I still believe that Garoppolo is going to be cut because nobody is going to trade for that contract. Why would he reduce his contract to facilitate a trade? Just say 'cut me' and I’ll go pick my next team.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio join The Rich Eisen Show to explain why he believes the San Francisco 49ers will release Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason.

Garoppolo has a team option available in 2021 but is no longer owed any money by the 49ers if they choose to deny his $25 million next season.

Check out the segment above as Florio details the three reasons why Garoppolo has already played his final game with the Niners.

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