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Why Drew Brees Hasn't Announced His Retirement Yet

Mike Florio: “I think some people around the Saints are starting to wonder ‘what the hell is going on here?’ Mickey Loomis the GM has been on record saying he can play as long as he wants – which I don’t think he means but you have to say – it’s just kind of weird at this point. Every day that goes by it’s a little more conspicuous that Drew Brees hasn’t done what everybody thought he was going to do… I think this is another impact of Tom Brady. The team that the Saints swept in the regular season, and beat them 38-3 on the same field that the Buccaneers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, catch the Saints flat-footed, beat the Saints, run the table, and win the Super... How can Drew Brees not think at some level ‘I can go one more year and we can try to get the Lombardi, and if I don’t do it I’m going to be tormented by the fact that I didn’t give it a try for the rest of my life.”

Rich Eisen: “If I’m Brees, part of me is thinking ‘Brady wouldn’t have made the Super Bowl if he had 19 of HIS ribs broken in the middle of November.'” (Full (Segment Above)

Listen to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich Eisen discuss Drew Brees’ mysterious offseason that has yet to make the highly anticipated announcement of the 42-year-old’s retirement, as both Florio and Eisen speculate on what might be going through Brees’ head at the moment’

Check out the video above as Eisen and Florio think Tom Brady might just have something to do with Brees’ hesitation.

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