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Clay Travis Has a Unique Drew Brees Prediction

Clay Travis Has a Unique Drew Brees Prediction

This NFL offseason has already been one filled with drama and big stories, and one of the latest big stories involves Drew Brees. After thinking over the video posted of Drew Brees working out in California, Clay Travis has a unique take on Brees' future.

Drew Brees has obviously had a Hall of Fame career, and many people have been under the assumption that we had seen the last of Drew Brees when the Saints lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Due to the workout video there's now been speculation about Brees returning in New Orleans.

Clay believes that it's very possible that Drew Brees, especially after watching Tom Brady move to Florida and win a Super Bowl, could be thinking about joining a new team. With the Saints and their salary cap situation, Clay believes that Brees is not only trying to show the Saints that he's got gas left in the tank, but also trying to show that fact to other teams as well, because Brees could be angling to become a free agent.

It would certainly be wild to see Drew Brees in a different uniform next season, but it is a possibility that Clay says makes too much sense for teams who consider themselves one player away from greatness.

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