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Doug Gottlieb: Paying Dak Prescott What He Wants Will Cripple a Franchise

Doug Gottlieb: Paying Dak Prescott What He Wants Will Cripple Your Franchise
Doug Gottlieb: “Would all the people who believe Dak Prescott is in the ballpark of Patrick Mahomes please take one step forward? No one? That’s because there is NOBODY. The Dallas Cowboys are being leveraged by no leverage. NONE. I like Dak and I think he’s a really good leader, but he’s nowhere the ballpark of Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson. He’s coming off an injury. In his athletic prime he wasn’t in their ballpark, and now coming off an injury you want to be paid at THEIR level?? Still?? GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! When is the REALITY going to pop in here?? Dak Prescott couldn’t get to the playoffs two years ago with far and away the best roster in the NFC East. This past year with all that talent and all those yards they put up, they still didn’t beat any good teams… The whole argument for Dak Prescott was ‘HE’S A WINNER!’ and now they’re not winning and he wasn’t even healthy. At what point do the Cowboys just go ‘alright, why don’t you just shop offers?’ What are his options?? Who are the teams that can free up that type of cap money?? It’s kind of embarrassing from the Prescott camp saying he’s worth this money… You say you wanna be in the “Pat Mahomes’ ballpark" but the only way you’ll ever be his ballpark is if you bought a ticket to see him play. No one thinks Dak Prescott is in Pat Mahomes’ ballpark. It doesn’t mean he stinks, it doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person or a terrible quarterback. He’s not close, he’s more Kirk Cousins, and everyone seems to know it, but nobody will explain that the Dallas Cowboys actually have a little bit more leverage than people wanna think they have. If you think you’re worth more on the market, go ahead, dude, shop the market… If someone signs him and you wanna pay him $40 million a year, knock yourself out. It will cripple your franchise.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys should just let Dak Prescott hit free agency and see what offers he can actually get, as Doug thinks the Cowboys are foolish to continue negotiations with a player who amazingly believes he’s worth over $40 million per season.

Gottlieb says the only way Dallas can flex their leverage is if they let Dak hit free agency and he naturally ends up not getting the lucrative offers he thought he would get, and thus leaving Dallas with their original $30-33 million per year offer still in-hand.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details how a massive contract like that for a player with limited attributes and potential would ‘cripple’ your franchise.

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