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Rob Parker: Rockets Should NEVER Retire James Harden's Jersey

Chris Broussard: “If you were the owner of the Houston Rockets would you retire James Harden’s jersey?"

Rob Parker: "NO WAY, NO HOW.”

Broussard: “I’m talking about retiring it ‘tonight.’”

Parker: “NO, I’m talking about EVER. STOP IT. Houston Rockets, what have you turned into?? You’ve turned to goo! You’ve allowed this guy to trample all over you! It’s not like James Harden’s legacy in Houston is like he put up two banners. Do you know what he did?? He put up a lot of points, and he disappointed you YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR in the postseason. James Harden’s existence in Houston was EMPTY. It was HOLLOW. Alright, he put up ‘numbers’, it didn’t amount to anything. There’s no reason; that franchise has already won championships. It’s not like you're a namby-pamby organization where you've never won anything and he’s the only guy who was halfway decent. You’ve got champions who played for that organization. And on top of that, HE WANTED OUT. He told you ‘SCREW YOU, HOUSTON! I DON’T WANNA BE HERE! YOU GUYS STINK!’ I’m NOT putting that guy’s jersey up in my building. Thank you for your time, we paid you $40 million, go to Brooklyn and have a nice NBA career. There’s NO WAY I’m hanging your jersey from the rafters.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and the entire Houston organization for comments this week saying they would retire the number of former Rockets star James Harden. On Wednesday, Harden's new team, the Nets, visited Houston for the first time since the trade on January 14th.

Since the trade, the Nets are 17-6 with legitimate NBA Finals aspirations, while the Rockets are 8-17, and losers of 13 straight games.

Check out the video above as Rob says it’s so below the Rockets to retire the jersey of a player who not only gave you no banners and a bunch ‘empty numbers’, but a dude who embarrassed your franchise, mailed it in, and forced his way out.

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