Colin Cowherd Predicts Which Teams Will Draft a First Round Quarterback

Listen to Colin Cowherd play ‘To QB or Not to QB’, as Colin predicts which NFL teams he thinks will draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The 2021 Draft is already being touted as one of the deepest drafts in recent NFL history, with five players the likes of Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Mac Jones expected to be taken in the first round, with the first four names listen likely going in the top 10.

Jaguars, To QB or Not to QB?

“To QB. They’ve never had the number one pick in the Draft, they haven’t had a star quarterback since Mark Brunell, and Urban Meyer has a history of being really good with young quarterbacks. He worked with Alex Smith, Cam Newton in college, Joe Burrow, and Tim Tebow. This is really an ideal fit. You got a great quarterback mentor and this is the best college quarterback since Andrew Luck.”

Jets, To QB, or Not to QB?

“Not to QB. You have the second-most cap space, and if you trade the number two pick you’re going to get at least a second-round pick this year, and a couple of firsts. That gives you two firsts this year, two seconds, and two thirds. That’s probably four starters and two noteworthy backups. Outside of Josh Allen, could Darnold end up being the second-best quarterback in your division? Right now he’s the second-most talented in his athletic prime.”

Check out the video above for the FULL segment to find out what Colin thinks the Dolphins, Falcons, Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, Vikings, and the Patriots will do.

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