Terrell Owens Says He'll Refuse All Invites to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Colin Cowherd: “Is there even a smidge chance that as you soften as you get older that you’re just going to go to the Hall of Fame, cry and say ‘I Love You’, sing ‘Kumbaya’, and all that stuff? Are you ever going to go there??”

Terrell Owens: “Probably not. I’m my own person. I realize when it comes to the Hall of Fame, everything it embodies when you talk about the motto, the criteria for guys to get in… 2016 was my first year up for the Hall of Fame and I checked all the boxes. You think about the history of the game, and think about Jerry Rice, who was the greatest receiver to ever play the game, and I’m second, third, and fourth statistically behind him and I don’t get in… As it pertains to the most recent induction, I reached out to Calvin Johnson, congratulated him, but if you think about the process of some of the guys who were on that ballot with him, most notably Torry Holt, and Reggie Wayne, those guys are worthy. Those guys are just as deserving as Calvin Johnson. I’m not criticizing him, or trying to negate his induction or discredit him in any way, but both Holt and Wayne had Super Bowl rings, and that’s part of the criteria from the guys who vote. Calvin Johnson doesn’t have any Super Bowl rings, and those guys do. What is the actual formula for guys to be inducted??”

Listen to Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens join The Herd, and explain to Colin Cowherd why he’s never going to make an appearance in Canton, Ohio at the site of the hallowed grounds of the NFL Hall of Fame.

Owens was eligible for the Hall in 2016 but was not inducted for his first two years on the ballot, before finally gaining admittance in 2018. Owens was a First-Team All-Pro five times, and is currently third all-time in receiving yards, and third all-time in touchdown receptions.

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