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Three Moves the Patriots Can Make to Save Their Franchise

Listen to Colin Cowherd map out of a way for the New England Patriots to return to the postseason in 2021, as Colin believes there are three moves the dormant dynasty could execute to get right back into the Super Bowl conversation next season.

The Patriots finished under .500 last season of the first time since 2000, and painfully watched Cam Newton put up arguably the worst statistical season of any quarterback in 2020, with a receiving corps that was completely devoid of Pro Bowl-caliber talent.

Even worse, the once-proud franchise had to witness their former native son, Tom Brady, take his talents to Tampa Bay, and completely revolutionize that entire organization from harmless NFC punchline to dominant Super Bowl champion who could be even more formidable next season.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he still believes an eroding Patriots team can become relevant again in a suddenly boisterous AFC East if they can pull off these three moves this offseason.

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