Just Admit that Jerry Jones Sucks at Contract Negotiations

Jerry Jones Sucks at Contract Negotiations
Jason Smith: “Jerry Jones SUCKS at contract negotiations. When the Cowboys were really good and he signed players to big deals it was okay because it worked. Even though they didn’t WIN they were still a good team and players still made their contracts worth it… But the Cowboys have been in a freefall the last few years. They’ve been so far outside the realm of ‘can they be great?’, and Jerry Jones has tried to make up for it by paying stars a lot of money. He likes to pay every star money but you can’t. If you pay every star money, then you can’t have money to make your team good, and this is why the Cowboys are doomed to a 9-7ish kind of team. There’s no money left to fill the rest of the holes your team needs. Go back to the last four big contracts he gave out. How bad was the contract for Dez Bryant?? As soon as he got paid he was DONE with everything, but Dez was a star and he was a Cowboy so Jerry wanted to pay him. He paid Ezekiel Elliott and now look at how ridiculously bad does that contract looks. Then you go with Amari Cooper. Who was going to give Amari Cooper five years and $100 million?? NOBODY. Jerry wanted to pay him because he was a ‘star'. You could have paid Dak two years ago and given him a 7-years, $210 million type contract, saved ten million dollars a year, and gotten an extra couple of years out of him, but instead you waited and waited, and Jerry Jones thought the money was going to go down… He gets beat at every big negotiation the past few years because the Cowboys stink, but it’s the way for Dallas to stay relevant. ‘Look at the star players I’m paying money to, you look at the Dallas Cowboys!’ Jerry Jones gets beat on all these deals because he likes paying guys a lot of money. He doesn’t do that in business but he does it with the Cowboys. This is why the Cowboys are forever doomed to ride that .500 train because he gives too much money to stars that you don’t give that kind of money to give to. You could have gotten him cheaper two years ago but you blew that negotiation… This is why the Cowboys are where they are because Jerry Jones wants to pay star players star money and bask in the glow of ‘look at all these stars I’ve got, we’re the Dallas Cowboys!’ That doesn’t win football games.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why it’s become painfully obvious that Jerry Jones ‘sucks’ at contract negotiations, as Jason mocks the Cowboys owner for dishing out yet another massive long-term deal for a player that can’t get them above their perpetual cloud of mediocrity.

Check out the audio above as Jason details why Jerry needs to stop trying to win the offseason every year.

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