Starting Jalen Hurts is Committing Your Franchise to Terrible Football

Starting Jalen Hurts is Committing Yourself to Terrible Football
Ben Maller: “How confident should the Eagles be if it is Jalen Hurts going into the 2020 season? If ‘10’ is Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback, then I’m at a ‘2’ on the Maller Scale of Confidence… When I hear that the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie, is like ‘we wanna go with Jalen Hurts’, what is really being said here if you read between the lines is that 2021 is a GARBAGE season. We’re going to SUCK the entire year, so we might as well see if we can catch lightning in a bottle with Jalen Hurts at quarterback. This is a ‘take your lumps’ situation, the ‘IOUs' have come due, and you’re just going to have to put up with miserable football. The Eagles, out of necessity, made this bed of nails and now they’re going to have to lay in it… This is a guy who couldn’t even keep the starting job at Alabama, and got replaced by Tua Tagovailoa… The Eagles should have NO expectations. No one is expecting this guy to be any good. There is little to no reason for optimism.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the 2021 Eagles are in for a grim fate with Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback, as Maller says news of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie publicly committing to Hurts next season is them admitting that they’re aware of the perils that they’re in post-Carson Wentz.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why he thinks the Eagles are committing to ‘MISERABLE’ football by vouching for a guy who had a 52.0% completion percentage in his rookie season.

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