Aaron Jones Hitting Free Agency Could Trigger Aaron Rodgers' Packers Exit

Why Aaron Jones Hitting Free Agency Could Mean Aaron Rodgers Out in Green Bay
Jason Smith: “How mad is Aaron Rodgers right now?? It looks like he’s going to lose a running back because Aaron Jones is going to get PAID by someone... Then you remember that ‘Aaron Rodgers vs. the Packers’ is still a thing… Never forget how pissed he is at the Green Bay Packers, and never forget that the Packers want to move on from Aaron Rodgers. You would have thought that the Packers learned their lesson after Jordan Love stunk. You’d think they were going to load up for Aaron Rodgers and get him the help he needs. NOPE, we’re going to let our best running back hit free agency and risk losing him. Trust me, you have not heard the end of the ‘AARON RODGERS WANTS OUT’ storyline… We’ve heard a lot about Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, but we’ve heard nothing about Aaron Rodgers, so people think everything it's fine. Aaron Rodgers is more calculated than anybody and he’s going to wait and pull his power play when he knows exactly where he wants to go… He’s going to make his desires known when the Packers have no choice but to do what he wants… They still want to move on from Aaron Rodgers, and it’s why they drafted Jordan Love to begin with… They don’t want him there anymore. They don’t want his attitude, and they don’t want his influence on the team… This Aaron Rodgers story will eventually rise up like a big serpent out of the sea.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Packers mysteriously choosing not to franchise tag star running back Aaron Jones to dangerously let him hit free agency could incite the old flames of the Rodgers vs. Green Bay Packers beef organization that had been stoked upon the drafting of Jordan Love.

Check out the audio above as Jason explains why the currently dormant clash could become volatile again at any moment, as Jason still doesn’t believe the Packers truly want Rodgers around.

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