Chris Simms Says Sam Darnold Can Lead the Jets to a Super Bowl

Rich Eisen: “What do you think the conversation is with Robert Saleh bringing in the Shanahan system?”

Chris Simms: “I’m not giving up on Sam Darnold. A month ago before I started studying these quarterbacks I said I’ve got no issue with the Jets staying with him. He will fit that Shanahan/Mike LaFleur system you’re talking about. I’ve seen enough good from him to still think you can go to a playoffs, and get to a Super Bowl win Sam Darnold. When you’re surrounded by crap, and you’ve got crap all around you, you’re going to smell like crap and get some crap on you too. It’s hard to look good with the support system he’s had around him.” (Full Video Above)

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms was on The Rich Eisen Show saying why he thinks the Jets should seriously consider either trading the no. 2 overall pick or simply acquiring more assets to build around Sam Darnold, as Simms thinks Darnold could eventually lead the Jets to a postseason, or even a Super Bowl.

Darnold was the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and has gone 13-25 in three seasons in New York. He finished 2020 with only 9 touchdowns in 12 starts, including 11 interceptions. Darnold ranked 31st in passing yards per game, 32nd in yards per attempt, 33rd in completion percentage, and finished dead last in QBR and passer rating.

Check out the segment above.

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