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Chris Simms Says Zach Wilson is Better than Trevor Lawrence

Chris Simms: “They think it’s an indictment on Trevor Lawrence but it’s not. Trevor Lawrence is awesome and he’s worthy of being the number one pick. He’s a BALLER, I just think Zach Wilson is better. I think Wilson has Mahomes and Rodgers-ish type qualities about his game. He’s a more consistent thrower than Trevor Lawrence. If there’s a 10-yard out, a 15-yard comeback, or a 20-yard in-cut, he will consistently hit the bullseye more than Lawrence. What takes it to the other level for me is when there is nothing there and everybody is covered at BYU. He does have that magician-like quality of a Mahomes or Rodgers to buy time and then throw a 30-yard laser all over the field whether he’s jumping in the air, throwing across his body, and can’t move in the pocket. I knew Zach Wilson was talented, but I was blown away with what I saw in film. I didn’t go into saying ‘I’M GOING TO SHAKE UP THE DRAFT WORLD AND PUT WILSON NUMBER ONE OVER LAWRENCE!’” (Full Segment Above)

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms joined The Rich Eisen Show and explain why he thinks BYU’s Zach Wilson should be the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and NOT Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Check out the segment above as Simms details the ‘Mahomes and Rodgers-ish’ qualities about the quarterback most believe will be drafted second overall to the New York Jets.

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