Cowboys Will Deeply Regret Giving a Lackluster Dak Prescott $160 Million

Ben Maller: “What grade do you give the Cowboys, and what grade do you give Dak Prescott on getting this deal? Dak gets an A+++. This contract for the Cowboys is an F-… From the Cowboys' side of things, this is a bloody nightmare. Jerry Jones has been enjoying too much of that gas station booze it would appear, because why on God’s green earth would Dallas give out this contract?? The Cowboys should have played out the franchise tag game. They already had done it once, and they would have been much better off. Dak Prescott would have made $37.7 million in 2020. You would have not chained yourself to a player like Dak, who if you know anything about football, is NOT elite. He’s not elite, he’s never been elite, and there’s no indication he’s ever going to become elite. You just signed up a record-setting contract to a run-of-the-mill quarterback. Jerry Jones gets an F- on his report card because Dak Prescott is OVERRATED and OVERPAID… Dak is what is known as a ‘middling quarterback’. He is lackluster and he’s nothing to brag about. He’s your typical stat bandit, who the low information fan thinks is better than they are. In big moments Dak Prescott has not had the pedigree to perform in those games. The people celebrating this contract are fans of the Cowboys, Eagles, and formerly known Redskins, because they are now guaranteed two matchups a year against Dak. To add even more stupidity to the deal, Dak is coming off a devastating injury. The Cowboys just committed a record-setting amount of money to a guy rehabbing from not one, but TWO surgeries. You don’t even know if this guy is going to return to form in 2021 at all. This cements that the Cowboys will be a second-rate crumby franchise for the foreseeable future. You’ve hitched your wagon to average. Rather than make the big and bold move to try and do better, you said ‘we don’t want to trade for Russell Wilson even though he wants to play in Dallas!' and they chose to go THIS option. BAD job by them.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks the Cowboys have officially signed themselves up as a second-rate franchise with their mega-signing of Dak Prescott, as Maller believes they just committed a record-setting amount of guaranteed money to a ‘lackluster’ and ‘run-of-the-mill’ Dak.

Check out the video above as Maller details why he’s giving the Cowboys an F- for this degrading move.

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