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Doug Gottlieb Calls Dak Prescott's New Contract 'Ridiculously Terrible'

Doug Gottlieb Calls Dak Prescott's New Contract 'Ridiculously Terrible'
Doug Gottlieb: “THIS IS A RIDICULOUSLY TERRIBLE CONTRACT. There is nothing about this contract that is good for the Dallas Cowboys. ZERO. Anyone who says otherwise is completely in the bag for the players. It’s a JOKE it’s so bad… Either you’re overpaying for an average quarterback, which is what I think they’re doing, or you’re paying commensurate for a star quarterback who age wise would still be in his relative prime when he’s up. WHAT PART OF THIS IS A GOOD DEAL?? How good have the last two years been? ‘wElL, tWo yEaRs aGo tHeY hAd tHe nUmBeR oNe oFfeNsE...’ Bro, they didn’t score against the GOOD teams. They loaded up on the absolute bottom dregs of the league. The only good part, I guess, is that if he’s really bad in four years it will all be over and most of that money is paid up-front. The problem is that when you pay the signing bonus up-front and you lower the cap number up-front, that means the cap number is HUGE in the back… Twenty-one percent of your cap is going to a quarterback who couldn’t win the worst division in football two years ago. He hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record in the last year and a half... I’m not a Dak hater, I’m just a realist about it. He’s Kirk Cousins, and a lot like Kirk Cousins, he got a great deal.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thought the record-breaking contract for Dak Prescott was ‘ridiculously terrible’, as a player who’s never been close to being an MVP candidate got the most guaranteed money in league history.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why there is literally zero ‘good’ from this contract, besides the fact that if he’s bad, it’s only for four years.

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