Doug Gottlieb: There Was Going to Be No Free Agent Market For Dak Prescott

Doug Gottlieb: Dak Prescott is Not Worth $40 Million Per Year
Doug Gottlieb: “When you make this much money, guys are judged completely differently. Nobody cares how much yards you have, and nobody cares other than you better win football games. Imagine they have a bad start to the season, and have a bad year in Dallas? Imagine a year from now Dak Prescott wants to be traded and won’t play every again? How would people feel? I give you Deshaun Watson… When you hear these names and I say Pat Mahomes is the highest paid guy in football you say ‘oh, that makes sense.’ Then I say Russell Wilson is the third highest, ‘oh, that makes sense.’ Aaron Rodgers is the… ‘oh, that make sense.’ Dak Prescott has never been in the conversation for an MVP nor should he be. Show me the postseason success, show me the big game success, show me the plays in which Dak Prescott makes that no one else on earth can make. That’s what Russell does, that’s what Deshaun does, that’s what Aaron Rodgers does, that’s what Pat Mahomes does. They didn’t even make the playoffs two years ago and it was HIS team, and now he’s coming off a debilitating injury. He had plenty of weapons, and he put up plenty of yards – just not plenty of points against the good teams… You could have used the franchise tag and you could have allowed him to become an outright free agent. That money isn’t actually on the market. That’s the crazy part about it. We all operate under this auspice of ‘hE wOuLd hAvE gOtTeN…’ He would have gotten a bigger deal on the market?? Of course he wouldn’t of… This whole thing is comical to me… Two years ago they were 8-8 with a pitiful schedule, and the good teams they lost to and the bad teams they beat. This year let’s not act like they were out to some great start when he was their quarterback… They literally haven’t beaten a good team with Dak Prescott as their quarterback in two years. I don’t think he’s bad, but they are so far from being a Super Bowl team it’s silly.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast the Cowboys for the four-year, $160 million deal they handed Dak Prescott, as Doug says the team should have either franchise-tagged Dak or let Dak become a free agent so he could officially find out that no team in the league was going to pay him $40 million a season.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details how nonsensical this contract really is.

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