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ESPN Soccer Analyst Crushed By Falling Television in Shocking Live Video

ESPN FC soccer analyst Carlos Orduz unwillingly went viral on Wednesday after disturbing video was released from a Tuesday night show of Orduz getting crushed by a falling television Live on set during a segment on Colombian soccer.

In the video, you can see a huge flat-screen television monitor start to tilt forwards and come undone from the wall before finally dropping down, and smashing the back of Orduz’s head so hard that his face banged against his desk with immense force.

You can see studio cameras instantly switch shots off Orduz, with worried chatter in the background. The segment ended a few moments later and they cut to commercial shortly thereafter.

Orduz shockingly escaped without any major injures, uploading a video after the accident saying he was fine and said he didn’t suffer any sort of ‘fracture’ or ‘sprain’. It didn't appear Orduz needed any further medical attention after the initial accident, and his face in the video doesn't appear to have any noticeable wounds.

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