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Audio Leaks of HS Coach Saying Georgia & Alabama Pay Their Football Players

Rush Propst: “Do you know what Kirby is doing at Georgia right now? Do you know why he’s taken that program to where he has?”

Michael Nelson: “I think because he’s a good recruiter.”

Propst: “He is but why do you think he’s getting these kids and keeping kids in and all that stuff?”

Michael Nelson: "Taking care of them.”

Prospt: “He’s got a guy named Hugh Nall. Lives in Albany. Hugh is the guy who handles things. He’s the handler. Kirby has come down and met with the richest of the rich in southwest Georgia, not southeast, not Macon, southwest where he’s from. He’s got the richest guy in Bainbridge, he’s got the two richest guys in Colquitt, he’s got the rich guy in Valdosta – multi-millionaires. Do you know how much money they spend on a player? Some of them are $90,000 to $150,000 to sign. Like Chubb. When Chubb came back and didn’t go to the NFL Draft, it was three $60,000 donations for Chubb to stay in school… Nick [Saban] has got it made because Nick has one guy he answers to – Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant Jr. Paul Junior is his go-to guy – the second-richest guy in Alabama. The third richest guy in Alabama is the guy from Mobile, Amos Cooper. Amos handles all the Mobile money. Coach Bryant had all that set up in the ’60s and ’70s. So Mobile is where all the dirty money comes, or all around Aliceville, up to the west side of the state up around Florence down in that Joe Wheeler State Park money. I’m telling you, that’s how Alabama handles every bit of their damn recruits.”

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the viral audio leaks that were making the rounds earlier this week of a notable high school football coach in the state of Georgia alleging that Kirby Smart’s UGA football program was paying recruits upwards of $150,000 to sign with the Bulldogs.

The coach, Rush Probst, was most notably remembered for his time on the popular football reality television show ‘Two-a-Days’ from 2006 and 2007 based in Hoover, AL, but now coaches at Valdosta High School in Georgia.

Probst was recorded in a discussion with the Valdosta HS Touchdown Club director, explaining how Smart was raking in so many five-star recruits since taking over as the head football coach of Georgia in 2016.

Smart landed the number one recruiting class in 2018 and 2020.

Probst was heard in the audio saying Georgia was paying players between $90,000-$150,000 and implicated former Georgia running back Nick Chubb for receiving three $60,000 payments to return for his senior season in 2017.

Chubb, now a Pro Bowl running back with the Cleveland Browns, quickly took to Twitter to reject the allegations that he was paid at Georgia. Chubb tweeted "If I needed money I would have went pro" followed by the hashtag of '#fakenews.'

Probst even mentions a booster by name, Hugh Nall, a former UGA player in the 80's, as the individual who 'handles' things when it comes to paying players.

Probst then briefly discussed Alabama head coach Nick Saban running a similar operation of paying recruits, where the football program would be in the back pockets of the wealthiest individuals in the state.

Check out the segment above as Clay details his reaction to the damning allegations.

The full audio leak of Probst can be found at the bottom of the page.

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