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Colin Cowherd Gives NFL Comparisons to the 2021 Quarterback Draft Class

Listen to Colin Cowherd give his NFL comparisons to the 2021 quarterback draft class as Colin lists their ‘high’, as in who they could become in a best-case scenario, or their ‘low’, as in who Colin thinks they’ll become if they end up underwhelming at the pro level.

Trevor Lawrence

High – TROY AIKMAN: “Looks the part, arm, accurate, and nobody disputes the talent. Day 1 he walks in and you’re like ‘THAT’S what a franchise quarterback looks like.' Bumpy for the first couple years until he’s surrounded by legitimate talent, but by about year 3 you’re like ‘we got ourselves a Hall of Fame talent.’”

Low – ANDREW LUCK: “Size, mobility, called an all-time talent, but the franchise holds him back, and he gets beat up with a bad o-line for a couple of years. You don’t blame him -- he doesn’t take the hit -- but maybe he just could never get the GM, the line, and the support right.”

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin does the NFL comparisons for Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and Mac Jones.

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