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Rob Parker: Steph Curry's Ridiculous Three-Point Shots Have Ruined the NBA

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Steph Curry ruined with the NBA with his ‘ridiculous’ three-point attempts, as Rob says he believes Curry was responsible for the NBA’s obsession with the three-point shot the last decade, as 39.5% of all shots now in an NBA game are a three-pointer.

At the moment, the top four shooting teams in the league in terms of attempting threes are the Jazz at 42.8, the Blazers second at 42.3, the Rockets third at 40.6, and the Raptors are fourth with 40.3 three-point attempts. The Cleveland Cavaliers have attempted the least amount of three’s in the league, with just 27.4 per game

If you compare those numbers to 20 years ago during the 2001-2002 NBA season, the Boston Celtics led the NBA with 23.7 three-point attempts per game, while the Philadelphia 76ers attempting just 8.7 as a team.

Fast forward to 2021, and there are seven NBA players who attempt 8.7 or more three’s a game by themselves.

Check out the segment above as Rob details why he thinks Steph triggered the great three-point rush around the sport, and why he thinks it ultimately ruined the enjoyment of basketball fans and turned the game into a glorified three-point contest.

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