Jerry Jones is Addicted to Giving Huge Contracts to Marginal Players

Ben Maller: “If you do a cost-benefit analysis, the money and the player are not equal. Dak Prescott as we have said is OVERRATED. If you’re drafted where Dak was and then overcome the odds, you are dubbed an ‘overachiever.’ Now that you’ve been paid, you go from overachiever to overpaid lug... Cowboys fans should not be upset with Jerry Jones because Jerry has had an addiction problem with bad contracts for so many years... As the saying goes, 'the first step is admitting you have a problem'... Jerry took that step. Denial is a large part of addiction, and breaking through the self-deception can be very difficult. Jerry has an addiction problem. Many addicts have to reach a very low point, like giving a marginal quarterback like Dak Prescott a record-setting deal, before they will accept that their reckless financial maneuvering is a serious problem for their football team. Jerry took that step and it’s a big step for Jerry… The Cowboys just got pantsed by Dak Prescott, and Jerry Jones has screwed up royally… The Cowboys franchise looks like a bunch of clowns here, even more than they already were, and are doomed to mediocrity. ” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller rip Jerry Jones and the Cowboys for dishing ‘marginal’ Dak Prescott the most guaranteed money in league history, as Maller mocks one of the least successful franchises of the last quarter-century for paying an 'overrated' quarterback $40 million per year.

Check out the video above as Maller details why the Cowboys clown show continues.

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