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Rob Parker: NCAA Tournament Will Be More Enjoyable Without Duke & Kentucky

Rob Parker: NCAA Tournament Will Be More Enjoyable Without Duke & Kentucky
Rob Parker: “BRAVO! FINALLY! YEEEESSSS! I LOVE IT! It’s not as predictable. Yes, it’s a down year for Duke and Kentucky, we don’t need to always have the same teams all the time, every year. What a nice break, and hopefully Michigan State won’t make it either. This will be good for college basketball… Let there be other teams for a change, and it’s not the same old story. Everyone’s apple cart has been turned over, so why not this?? Why not something different? Why should these schools ALWAYS get in, ALWAYS be good, and the other schools ALWAYS be looking up at those two?? It’s been a long-time coming and it’s fine, let’s have a couple of down years. Maybe a mid-major can finally win a national championship this year.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Duke and Kentucky missing the NCAA Tournament this year is GOOD for college basketball, as Rob says it can be very tiresome seeing the same blue blood programs dominating the field every single year.

Duke had made the Tournament every season since 1995, with Kentucky having gone every year since 2013, but you would have to go back to 1976 to find a season where both schools missed the tournament the same season.

Check out the audio above as Rob gives a standing ovation to the news that both teams’ seasons are over.

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