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Why a Russell Wilson Trade to the Chicago Bears is a Foregone Conclusion

Why Russell Wilson to the Bears is a Foregone Conclusion
Jason Smith: “You really think the Bears aren’t going to give up what the Seahawks need?? If you want to put all your eggs in the basket of ‘THE BEARS WOULD HAVE TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING TO GET RUSSELL WILSON!’ you think the Bears aren’t going to give up EVERYTHING to get Russell Wilson?? You really think the Bears are going to go cheap and go ‘Oh, you want THREE first-round picks? We’re only going to offer TWO!’ The Bears are going to give the Seahawks WHATEVER they want to for a quarterback. They will give them three first-round picks, they will give them Allen Robinson, they will give them David Montgomery, they will give them whatever they want to get Russell Wilson from the Seahawks. Jason LaCanfora reported a couple of days ago that they’re ready to give up a boatload of picks. It could be ‘here’s our whole draft’ for Russell Wilson. It could be one of those Mike Ditka-Ricky Williams things. The Bears will do everything they can to get Russell Wilson, so don’t think suddenly there’s going to be a negotiation... So much has gone on that’s it’s almost impossible for both sides to go back at this point, barring Russell Wilson or the Seahawks going ‘hey, we really screwed up’, and you do REALLY think that’s going to happen? Both sides are really dug in. It’s hard to come back and say everything is fine because Russell Wilson loses all his power in the world if he does that. Russell Wilson has pulled the power play with the Seahawks and it hasn’t worked, so now what is he going to do? He’s gotta go to another team because he wants to put his influence on another team like the Bears, because 'they're going to give me what I want, and they’re going to listen to me.'” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Russell Wilson being traded to the Chicago Bears is a foregone conclusion, as Jason believes the beef between the Seahawks organization and their Super Bowl-winning quarterback is irreconcilable.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he thinks the Bears would literally give up ANYTHING for arguably the league’s best player.

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