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Colin Cowherd Remembers the Iconic Career of Drew Brees

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Namath’s number one trait was being COOL. Drew Brees’ number one trait was being ACCURATE… He is the most accurate thrower of the football I’ve ever seen, period. In his 10-12-year prime, he threw the ball more accurately than anybody has ever thrown the football… Good luck to the New Orleans Saints trying to find his replacement. In one year do you know what the New Orleans Saints are going to look like? Like New England looks this morning, crossing your fingers and praying that you can get a name-quarterback past his prime… It is remarkable to me that you would waste a radio segment arguing that Drew Brees is not a top 10 quarterback of all time. Look at his numbers, look at the injury, look at what he inherited, look what he turned around, he dealt with Katrina, and he OWNS the record book – first or second in almost everything that matters.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd celebrate and remember the legendary career of the now-retired Drew Brees, as Colin says Brees will go down as the most accurate thrower in NFL history.

Check out the video above as Colin details all the challenges Brees faced while in the NFL, including physically and spiritually, and why he thinks the Saints will soon become what the punchless Patriots were after Tom Brady left.

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