Colin Cowherd Mocks Bears on Signing Andy Dalton Amid Russell Wilson Rumors

Colin Cowherd: “Being involved in the Russell Wilson discussions and then settling for Andy Dalton is like promising your kids a two-week vacation in Hawaii, and then settling for a weekend at a state park. This isn’t good. It feels like a big dud to a fan base that is worn out. I like Andy Dalton as a BACKUP – I’ve said before that I think he’s the best backup in the league potentially, and I do think in Cincinnati and Dallas, if you give him a bunch of good skill people you can win games with him, but Chicago isn’t that fit. Chicago needs a playmaker at quarterback, and that’s why Trubisky actually won some games. He’s a little bit of a playmaker with his feet. They’ve got one legit wide receiver, a decent young tight end, I like Tarik Cohen, o-line is OK, but this is not a fit for Andy Dalton, and increasingly, Ryan Pace the general manager, I don’t trust. I didn’t like the Trubisky move, this is a ridiculous move, it’s a bad fit, and you cannot get involved with Russell Wilson discussions and just let him go, probably feed him and not deny him, and end up with Andy Dalton… Don’t get involved in the Russell Wilson stuff and then come out with that.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd chide the Chicago Bears for seemingly playing with the idea of trading for Russell Wilson, teasing their downtrodden fan base for weeks, and then announcing that they’ve signed Andy Dalton.

Check out the video above as Colin details this ‘ridiculous’ move, and why Bears fans should no longer trust their GM.

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