Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Free Agent Signings in NFL History

With NFL Free Agency heating up, listen to Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 free agent signings in NFL history.

10. Mike Vrabel to the Patriots (2001)

“He had never started an NFL game before signing with New England. He was the perfect fit, they won three Super Bowls in four years, and he became the IQ, guy, the glue, and the vocal leader, and they even used him in the red zone on offense. He’s the greatest VALUE free agent ever. He never started a game and went and became a key component, the ‘Brady’ on defense, and they didn’t even pay him anything.”

9. Kurt Warner to the Cardinals (2005)

“Total culture-changer. Losing franchise and he made them a winner. They had not won their DIVISION since the mid-70’s’, and then Kurt Warner shows up and changes everything and got them to a Super Bowl, which was their first Super Bowl appearance. He really changed the culture. They didn’t win the Super Bowl, but Arizona from that point forward we think of them as a competent franchise.”

8. Charles Woodson to the Packers (2006)

“It was much riskier than you think. It turned out great, but Green Bay was the only team that bid on him. Believe it or not, he had not played a full season in the previous four because of injuries. You look at it now and think it was brilliant, but nobody else offered it. He went on to become the Defensive Player of the Year a couple of years later. He had nine interceptions ruined for a touchdown while a Packer, but it was riskier at the time than you think.”

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